Are you facing foreclosure or harassment from creditors? Are you doing your best fighting an uphill battle and still making no headway? Debt issues are to be taken seriously as they can destroy long term goals, test personal relationships, and cause unwavering stress and anxiety on you and your family. Facing the problem can be very difficult and the thought of bankruptcy can be emotionally draining and endlessly complicated.

Filing bankruptcy is a serious decision that requires you to take into account many factors. Whether youíre thinking about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the process can be difficult and complex. Thatís why I try to make sure my clients understand each stage of the process as well as inform them about the case timeline. I can clearly answer your questions, give you advice, and provide you with legal services specifically designed with your needs in mind. Itís my goal to make this uneasy time in your life as painless as possible.

With solid planning and sound legal advice, it can be the simplest way to gain control over your finances. Finally, bankruptcy is not just an option to end your money worries for you and your family; but it can also provide protection from harassing creditors, overwhelming bills, foreclosures, and more. I have flexible hours and can offer you my services at your convenience and at your desired location. I give free confidential consultations to determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.