Few people realize that there are often several defenses a homeowner has against foreclosure. Too often homeowners fail to challenge foreclosure actions and lose their ability to protest the action if too much time goes by. Foreclosure actions are highly complex in nature and you should hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

Some of the options a homeowner may have to possibly defend against foreclosure include (but are not limited to) challenging the mortgage servicer and lender on the defects, irregularities, or illegality of your home mortgage, short sales, negotiated payment or mortgage alterations, and bankruptcy just to name a few. I concentrate most of my legal practice in foreclosure defense and in related areas of the law such as bankruptcy.

Please note, timing is very important in this area of the law and you must act quickly in order to preserve and protect your home. If you have questions about saving your home through foreclosure defense or are considering bankruptcy, please contact me for a free consultation.